Dear Mother Without-a-Home

As I pass by you almost daily, my heart breaks for you. The rags you wear, tattered; revealing the situations you have weathered. The dirt smeared across your face, giving light to those around that the ground we walk upon is your home; that at the end of the night, you will rest your head in the very spot you beg.

Dear Mother Without-a-Home, my heart aches for you! Every time I pass, I want nothing more than to see your life restored! To see people rise up and love you as you should be loved! That you would know the love of a Heavenly Father who loves you as you are!

And despite your efforts to reject every dollar, food item, and beverage I place by your side simply because I am a foreigner, know that my love for you is not going to change! And any time I have the opportunity, I will try to show you love! Mother Without-a-Home, I pray that as people pass you, they would be filled with compassion for you; not pity, but beautiful compassion fueled by love! I pray that your pride doesn’t hold you back from a second chance, but that you would receive love with open arms!

Mother Without-a-Home, you are worthy of love!


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